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Pro Seal is a company that specializes in sealcoating and striping for:  malls, shopping centers, schools, universities, airport  runways, commercial  properties, apartments and residential driveways.  Pro Seal has been around since 2004. It was started from the ground up by John Jenkins, a financial analyst, living in Fredericksburg, VA.  Pro Seal provides service to clients from Maryland to  North Carolina. Our dedicated staff  understands our mission.  We believe that if we do the job right the first time, it will get us the job the next time!  Pro Seal uses some of the industry’s best products and equipment.      A durable, rubberized, asphalt resin base coating that protects asphalt pavements against:    

* Moisture and surface water penetration   

*Oxidation caused by ultraviolet rays  


*Winter’s freeze/thaw cycle   

*Oil and chemical spills   

*Surface raveling and check cracking     

 Pro Seal knows how important it is to our customers that we stripe their parking lots with precision and speed. Giving you what you want is what we do best. Pro Seal uses airless stripers. Airless stripers create the sharpest line edges. Our stripers use high traffic paints.    

 Pro Seal uses the CCAS method for sealcoating and striping:      


We use high pressure air to remove debris.      


Our application process starts before business hours. Our sealant and traffic paints are durable and dries quickly.      


 Pro Seal’s airless stripers to eliminate paint tracking and create sharp edges.


Fluorescent tape and cones mark the section being treated.

We Care About the Details

Residential Sealcoating

Our four step process for sealcoating driveways: 

 1. We remove all dirt and debris from the asphalt with power blowers, scrapers, and metal wire brushes. 

 2. Before sealing, large cracks will be filled with hot melt crack filler. The smaller hair line cracks will be sealed by the sealant itself.     

  3. It is very important to us that we are neat in our work. To avoid over spray, PRO SEAL brushes on the sealant in areas that require more detailed trim work ( walkways, garage doors, stone dividers, etc.). 

 4.  We use a commercial grade power sprayer to apply a very heavy coat of  rubberized asphalt in an emulsified form.                                                                      

 Pro Seal has been servicing businesses and homes SINCE 2004 .


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